Eagle’s Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand


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Audrey Eagle. 2 volumes 1114 pages hardcover with slip case

Winner of the Montana Medal for Non-fiction 2007 and Winner of the Illustrated Section of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards 2007. This beautiful two-volume set brings together Audrey Eagle’s botanical artworks from her best-selling 1975 and 1983 publications. It includes over 170 new paintings, bringing the total number of plants to more than 800 – all in colour and life-size. Flowers, fruits, and other features are shown in superb detail. Comprehensive notes, written in consultation with expert botanists, accompany the illustrations. They provide up-to-date information on each plant’s habitat, distribution, identification, nomenclature, and more. This set represents Audrey Eagle’s life’s work. It is an outstanding contribution to botany in New Zealand – and an essential addition to any library.

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