Boom! 50 Fantastic Science Experiments to try at Home


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Chris Smith and Dave Ansell | 143 pages | paperback | 2016

Want to know how to create fireworks from a crisp packet? Turn rice into quicksand? Generate a cloud in a lemonade bottle? How about build a toaster-powered hot air balloon, or work out the speed of light using margarine and a microwave?

In this amazing book, you’ll find 50 incredible experiments like these to try at home. Easy and fun to do, whether you’re 8 or 80, they will amuse, astound, and educate in equal measure – see the amazing results then find out why it works!

So whether it’s racing jam jars, making a bowl invisible or instantly freezing a soft drink before your eyes – with the Naked Scientists’ help you’ll never have a dull, rainy day again.

Each exciting experiment is enough to get anyone interested in science. Most of the activities can be performed with commonplace materials that you probably already have lying around the house. Concise scientific explanations are included on how and why the experiments actually work.

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