Aesop’s Kiwi Fables


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Ray Ching | 226 pages | 2012 | hardback

In this collection, Ray Ching’s drawing and painting skills, familiar to New Zealanders through his widely seen paintings of birds, are imaginatively engaged in an altogether new expression of the fables. The stories have left their origins in Greece and ancient Europe and set off to the distant isles of New Zealand. Now, the anecdotes are told by the inhabitants of these islands – mostly birds – who are called to take the place of the more familiar players. The Fox, Crow, Tortoise and Eagle of old find new Antipodean counterparts to playout their roles; here, domestic Cats are as wily as Foxes, Tui as smart as Crows, and ancient Tuatara is as dogged as the Tortoise, to successfully win his race, in time, over the Possum.

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