Shorebirds of New Zealand: Sharing the margins


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Keith Woodley.  272 pages. softcover

Shorebirds of New Zealand by Miranda Shorebird Centre Manager Keith Woodley, is a beautiful, informative and lyrical account of the many shorebirds found here – those living and breeding in the same area year after year, those that migrate within New Zealand, and those whose migrations link the hemispheres.

It examines the lifecycles, habits and histories of our shorebirds, such as red knots (some 30,000 of which reach New Zealand from Siberia annually), or red-necked stints (birds the size of a sparrow that make a similar journey), and our own shorebirds – stilts and oystercatchers, terns and gulls, dotterels and wrybills, snipes and godwits.

Author Keith Woodley connects these shorebirds with everyday people and the environment, looking into our social and cultural values, the work of researchers and community conservation groups, as well as the ways in which our lives impact those of shorebirds – both harmoniously and harmfully. The book explores the many pressures facing our shorebirds, and explains why some populations  are in serious trouble.

Shorebirds of New Zealand is a significant and thought-provoking book, with many stories to tell and a strong environmental message elegantly stated.

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